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The Edible Country 

In the summer, all of Sweden is transformed into the world's largest do-it-yourself gourmet restaurant. In Borgvik, southern Värmland you can book a table in the middle of nature. The table stands by Lake Sävsjön, a little way into the forest, beside the path and overlooking the lake.

  • The Table. DIY 200 SEK

  • Fika + 150 SEK/person

  • Main Cours - wild game +250 SEK/person

  • Starter/Main - chanterelle +110/160 SEK/person

  • Dessert - blueberry dessert +85 SEK/person

  • Chef/guide (1200 SEK)

The baskets can also be combined if you wish. Book an opportunity and let us know afterwards if you wish to customize your basket further.

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