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Kvarnen Idag

Here you can get a taste of the newly renovated design of Kvarnen. We have taken away all of the dark wooden boards on the walls and ceiling, and have painted the original walls and ceiling a light cream color which allows the natural sunbeams to illuminate the area.

Our vision of a clean, crisp, and spacious environment has been brought to life, and we hope that our customers will enjoy it as much as we do. In the summer months, when the sun is particularly warm, meals and coffee will be served on the terrace, while on the colder rainy days people can enjoy a mug of hot cocoa next to the fireplace sitting with a lambskin for extra warmth and coziness. Feel free to bring a book, and stay a while.



Renovating Kvarnen

Kvarnen stopped running as a mill in 1951. In the 1980’s a German renovated Kvarnen into a tavern style restaurant with a dark wooden decor. 

 Many owners have taken over Kvarnen in the past, but no one has ever redecorated the interior until now. We had a vision of bringing light to Kvarnen, and so on the day we took it over, the dark wooden walls came down with the help of our family and friends, and revealed a room full of potential and space. 

With lots of dedication and a bit of creativity, we managed to restore kvarnen into a space that reflects the Swedish style, while keeping hold of the history behind these walls. We believe that we have created a space and environment that will make for a welcoming unique dining experience, with a friendly atmosphere. 

We envision that whether you want to have a dinner party with friends, a meeting with colleges, or just a cozy drink of coffee by the fireplace, that Kvarnen should be a place where everyone feels at home.  

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